the CAMARADES-NC3Rs systematic review and meta-analysis facility

What is SyRF?

in vivo Systematic Review and Meta Analysis Facility

To provide an easily accessible source of methodological support, mentoring, guidance, educational materials and practical assistance to those wishing to embark on systematic review and meta-analysis of data from in vivo studies.

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Our Progress and Objectives


We developed a multidimensional system of methodological support through online contact form, email, newsletters, weekly Skype meeting and site visits.


To upgrade and migrate to a Microsoft SQL server based database hosting the new SyRF data management and analysis platform


To create pathways of engagement which encourage good practice in the form of prior publication of study protocols and statistical analysis plans


To ensure constant availability of the SyRF data management and analysis platform, through appropriate maintenance and adaptation to changing circumstances


To increase the functionality of the SyRF data management and analysis platform in response to methodological developments and the challenge of applying the approach to new model areas.


To provide content and IT support to the CAMARADES website, as a repository for guidance, training materials, protocols, publications, news, and access to the SyRF data management and analysis platform.


To establish an online register of protocols of systematic reviews of laboratory studies and of completed studies.

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