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We have developed a standardised data repository and analysis system which allows real time on line data processing and analysis with Weighted and/ or Standardised Mean Difference Random Effects meta-analysis.

This is currently hosted on MS Access, with access available through a Remote Desktop Connection to our central server, with data back up every 24 hours and 30 sequential backup sets held at any time. We have recently restructured the database to improve stability and flexibility, and with a view to moving to a web-based interface. We are grateful to the CAMARADES collaborators for their financial contribution to this process.

For those who wish to conduct a systematic review of data from animal experiments, the practical guide provides a good start point.

If you would like to carry out a systematic review and meta-analysis, or to analyse existing data, please let us know by completing the contact form. To use the system, you must agree to allow others to access your data set for further analysis. Any publication arising from such analyses will of course acknowledge the contribution of the originator(s) of the data.

For any further query please complete the contact form.

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Evidence-based Preclinical Medicine Helpdesk

If you have general or specific questions about carrying out a systematic review and meta-analysis of laboratory data, please contact the Evidence-based Preclinical Medicine (EBPM) Helpdesk. EBPM is a new journal which publishes open access, high quality systematic reviews, meta-analyses and protocols summarizing data from animal studies on a subject relevant to human health (

An important feature of EBPM is the provision of a Helpdesk, staffed by scientists experienced in systematic review and meta-analysis of laboratory data, who are there to help guide you (if guidance is required) through the stages of protocol development, conduct of the review, and preparation of datasets for publication. They can be contacted at: