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ESS Home

Welcome to the Edinburgh Stroke Study (ESS) website. In this section we give a brief overview of the study, details of the study team and how to contact us.

Study overview
The Edinburgh Stroke Study is a prospective hospital-based stroke register of stroke and TIA patients, with a follow-up component whereby stroke patients were followed up for recurrent stroke, myocardial infarction and death, for at least one year and a maximum of four years. With recruitment having ended in 2005, we included 2160 patients in the register, around 1500 of whom were stroke patients. During follow-up of stroke patients, we identified over 300 deaths, around 50 myocardial infarctions and 180 recurrent strokes. We collected blood samples from the majority of patients in our register, to perform future biological analyses and to extract and store DNA for future genetic analyses.

Study team:

Principal investigator: Dr Cathie Sudlow
Study Co-ordinator: Caroline Jackson
Computer programmers: Aidan Hutchison and Mike McDowall

Our contact details are:

Edinburgh Stroke Study
Division of Clinical Neurosciences
Bramwell Dott Building
Western General Hospital
Crewe Road South

Telephone: 0131 537 2875

Ethical approval
The Edinburgh Stroke Study has full ethical approval from Lothian Research Ethics Committee (reg no.xxxxxx), and from the NHS Research and Development Department.

The ESS was funded by the Wellcome Trust.