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Multi-PART Database Development

Multi-PART Database Development

- work package 5

Jing Liao
University of Edinburgh

2nd Oct 2014
Barcelona, Spain

old pipeline
new pipeline
detail pipeline
database 0
database 1
database 2
database 3
database 4
database 5
database 6
database 7
database 8

For the database

Tables/Fields required to capture the outcome

*Inclusion of a broad range will allow flexibility for future studies

Post-stroke behavioural tests

29 groups reported using 67 different tests

We grouped tests into 7 categories
(special thanks to Becky Trueman for help with this)

What we need from the group now….

For tests reported by >5 groups

*For less frequently used tests we may contact you directly for details

Sensorimotor and motor: Sensory

Sensorimotor and motor

Sensorimotor and motor: Motor

Sensorimotor and motor

Gait and related tasks

Sensorimotor and motor


Sensorimotor and motor


Sensorimotor and motor
Skilled Forepaw Use Pain
Sensorimotor and motor Sensorimotor and motor
Anxiety and Depression
Sensorimotor and motor

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